“How2” Keep Your Healthy Eating Resolutions

“How2” Keep Your Healthy Eating Resolutions

Lynne Viera of how2heroes.com available to dish on healthy and delicious meals for a happy and healthy 2010


CAMBRIDGE, MA (December 1, 2009) For many, the beginning of a new calendar year comes with a daunting list of New Year’s resolutions – usually focused around exercise and healthy eating. In fact, studies show that only about 46 percent of people fulfill their resolutions beyond six months after January 1st. proving that many people set unrealistic goals for themselves.

how2heroes, a how to online video destination that celebrates people’s passion for food, provides healthy yet delicious recipes to help people make healthy meal choices with out sacrificing taste.

Lynne Viera, president and CEO of how2heroes is available to provide insight on how to put your most healthy foot forward in 2010 with delicious, guilt-free recipes including:

This immune system-boosting smoothie is fruity and delicious. Creamy yogurt blends perfectly with strawberries, blueberries, mango, orange juice and yogurt. A healthy supply of antioxidants in a glass is a great way to get your vitamins.

A vibrant mixture of edamame and peas whip up easily to form the filling for these savory little appetizers. A quick sear turns them a gorgeous golden brown. Easy to prepare with a nice yield of 50 potstickers makes this a perfect party preparation. Your vegan friends will thank you.

Gently cooked salmon soaks in the flavors of fennel and saffron-infused wine. The aroma of toasted pine nuts, and beauty of this dish are only rivaled by its flavors, making it a perfect one-skillet meal to serve to family and friends.And a lovely braised salmon dish. healthy and lots of omega 3s!

A quick stir-fry preserves the vitamins, minerals and vibrant colors of vegetables. Use as many or as few ingredients as you like. This freestyle approach to cooking lets you control the amounts of vegetables, spices and sauces while maintaining the healthy integrity of the dish.

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