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Roadside Eats

One of the best things about summer is the good old fashioned road trip. To the beach. The mountains. Off the beaten path. Changing up the scenery, breathing in some clean air and stopping along the way for some tasty Roadside Eats. It's more than just filling up your tank. It's creating long-lasting nostalgic memories you'll treasure. Fried Clams and Milkshakes of America, we salute you!

Today's Specials

Jason BaconSteak Bomb

Classic Frozen Drinks

Coffee Frappe
Black Cow
Orange Normie

Salt Pepper

Fried ClamsLobster RollFried Pearl OnionsCrispy Calamari w/ Lemon-Crushed Red Pepper Aioli


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Whim: The Restaurant at Smolak Farms
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