how2heroes Shows You How to Wow Guests this Labor Day Weekend

how2heroes Shows You How to Wow Guests this Labor Day Weekend

How-to videos, downloadable recipes and a new interactive Food Forum help make you a hero

CAMBRIDGE, MA (August 27, 2009) – how2heroes, a how-to online video destination that celebrates people’s passion for food, today announced new videos and recipes added to its “Grilling & Cookouts” section. Whether you’re entertaining in your own back yard or at the beach this Labor Day weekend, how2heroes can help you serve up dishes that will wow your guests. From barbeque favorites to seafood specialties, tasty cocktails and decadent desserts, you’ll find the original, high-quality, step-by-step recipe videos you need to command the kitchen. provides instructional videos, recipes and an interactive Food Forum to solve even the most complex culinary conundrums.

Just in time for the upcoming holiday weekend, how2heroes features a wide variety of new recipes that will have family and friends savoring the final weekend of summer with a delicious array of summertime favorites. Watch and learn how to make a “Lobster Clambake” from Cape Cod’s distinguished Chatham Bars Inn or impress your guests by recreating Cambridge School of Culinary Arts student Hong Xue’s “Watermelon Carving” to serve as a unique centerpiece for the table. You can even get an insider tip on how to test the grill heat with an instructional video with Boston’s Grillmaster Chris Schlesinger.

Popular Labor Day classics that can be found on how2heroes include:

  • “Baked Stuffed Lobster” prepared by Martha Chadwick, a mother of two, in her home in Norton, Mass.;
  • “Country Style Potato Salad” from Marjorie Druker of New England Soup Factory;
  • “Baked Beans” from a New Orleans hero known simply as “BBQ Dave”; and
  • “Cubano Burger” from Denise Baron of Burton’s Grill.

Those who want to stray from traditional fare can wow guests with:

  • “Sesame Ginger-Crusted Salmon” from Odyssey’s Executive Chef Michael Oliver;
  • “Paella Valenciana” from Michael Brunson of Solea Restaurant & Tapas Bar; or
  • “Zucchini Primavera” from Imani Greer of Tastings Wine Bar & Bistro.

And because no party would be complete without cocktails, how2heroes features the perfect beverages to serve as a send-off to summer. Cocktails to cool guests down while the chefs turn up the heat include:

  • “Sangria” with big flavors and little effort from Anita Regan of Solea Restaurant & Tapas Bar;
  • “Raspberry Mojito” courtesy of how2heroes president and CEO Lynne Viera.

“Sometimes just reading a recipe isn’t enough to really give you the confidence to create a dish,” said Lynne Viera, president and CEO of how2heroes. “how2heroes’ videos let you experience them first by watching and then by doing so there are no surprises. And many successes!”

In addition to the how-to videos and recipes, how2heroes offers food and cooking enthusiasts a Food Forum where website visitors have a unique opportunity to gain access to the best of the best in cooking to answer their burning questions. The recently launched Food Forum also allows visitors to post their own answers, providing everyone with the opportunity to be a “hero” and to interact with fellow food enthusiasts. The Forum can be found at

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