Cooking with Oil vs. Butter


  • butter
  • clarified butter
  • olive oil
  • canola oil
  • avocado oil


Smoking Points
Butter and Olive Oil -  350º
Canola Oil - 450º
Avocado Oil - the best - can bring up to a high heat - but expensive

Cooking with Oil

  1. Start with a cold pan
  2. Add Canola Oil - when it starts to smoke, at about 1-2 minutes, do not bring the temperature up any more

Cooking with Butter

  1. Start with a heated pan
  2. Add Butter - smoking point is when it starts to brown, about 30 seconds.   Do not cook further or it will burn

Clarified Butter
Increases smoking point for butter and increases flavor

In Case of Oil Fire
Use salt to put out an oil-based fire -  DO NOT USE WATER