Steamed Artichokes


  • fresh artichokes, stem & leaves trimmed
  • melted butter

Special Equipment

  • steamer basket
  • scissors


  1. Clean artichokes under cold, running water
  2. Trim stem to about 3/4"
  3. Trim spines with scissors
  4. Put 2" of water in a pot, place artichokes in steamer basket and steam for 25-30 minutes
  5. Check every 10 minutes, with a knife inserted into the tip, to see if it's done.  Artichokes are cooked when a knife tip goes easily into the tip
  6. Peel leaves, dip in melted butter, and scrape the leaf with your teeth to get the meat out of the leaf
  7. When you reach the choke, scope out all fuzzy & hairy areas and that will leave the edible artichoke heart
  8. Scoop out the heart and eat as it or chop and place in salads or pasta