Holiday Cookie Decorating Techniques


  • food coloring
  • colored sparkling sugar
  • paint brush
  • disposable pastry bags and tips
  • modeling tweezers
  • toothpicks
  • seedless raspberry jam


Ice cookies with simple cookie glaze.

Decorate cookies with Royal Icing.

Christmas Light technique

  1. Spoon icing onto cookie making sure the sides are iced and let the excess drip off
  2. Spoon on sparkling sugar over glaze while still wet
  3. Place on drying rack

Christmas Tree Technique

  1. Take previously glazed Christmas tree cookie and outline tree with white royal icing using a pastry bag and tip
  2. Add white sparkling sugar to royal icing
  3. Make garland on tree using royal icing in the pastry bag
  4. Add candy holly and berries with tweezers

Ornament Technique

  1. Completely glaze ornament cookie
  2. With a different color glaze in a pasty bag, draw stripes across the cookie
  3. Drag a toothpick across opposite direction of stripes to make interesting design on cookie
  4. Let dry on drying rack

Linzer Technique

  1. Take a cookie with a hole cut in the middle and decorate the top
  2. Spread thin layer of jam on a bottom cookie with no hole in it and place other cookie on top

Tip: repair a break in the icing with a wet paint brush