Beer-Poached Pears


  • 2 pears, peeled & halved
  • 2 12-oz bottles of Belgian ale (or ale of choice)
  • 3 cups simple syrup (equal parts parts sugar and water)
  • 1 star anise

Garnish Suggestions

  • ice cream
  • fresh berries


  1. Peel and slice pears in half
  2. Place them in a pot and add 2 12-oz bottles of ale and 3 cups of simple syrup, just enough to cover the pears
  3. Add 1 star anise
  4. Simmer for 30 minutes
  5. Let cool then remove seeds.  Make slits from the widest part of the pear to just shy of the tip and splay slightly on the plate
  6. Serve with ice cream and fresh berries